In comparison to Anglophone systems, there are some differences in French education systems. Due to these differences, students who want to earn the Ph.D. degree must complete a Master of Science program. This program lasts for 2 years after graduation with a Bachelor's degree, which makes it 5 years in total.

Masters program is divided into two branches in France: Master of Engineering orients the students towards the working world; Master of Science orients them towards research. The Ph.D. admission is adopted by "école doctorale" (a graduate school), a Ph.D. Student has to follow some courses that are offered by the graduate school while he or she still continues with his/her research. This research may be carried out in at a university, in a laboratory, or in a private enterprise. In the last case, the enterprise hires the student as an engineer. Student's supervision is held by both the labs´ professor and the company's tutor.  The validation of the Ph.D. degree is requiring generally 3 to 4 years after the Master degree. In France, the Ph.D. degree is considered as a "Bac +8 diploma", where "Bac" stands for "Baccalauréat" - the French High-school diploma.
In general, the funds for research of French Ministry of National Education are financing the Ph.D. studies. These grants often depend of the student's file and his results. However, as in the case where Ph.D. students do their researches in a company, the students can apply for funds from companies who can host them at their premise. There are some other resources, which come from some city/regional projects, some associations, etc.